Gathering of Animated Lifelike Agents, GALA 10

September 20-22, 2010

GALA, Gathering of Animated Lifelike Agents, is an annual festival to showcase the latest Animated Lifelike Agents created by university students, academic or industrial research groups. GALA provides:

  • The GALA Final event, to demonstrate the state-of-the-art in the technology of virtual humans.
  • The GALA Jury Award for student projects and the GALA Public Award for any entry.
  • The permanent GALA Gallery on the web with the best entries exhibited for further study.
  • An optional short paper (2 pages) publication in the proceedings of the annual IVA conference, published by Springer.

An international jury will select entries for the GALA Gallery and award a prize to the best student entry. The presentation of the best entries and announcement of the awards will occur at the GALA Final, which will take place at the 10th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents - IVA 2010, September 20-22, in Philadelphia, PA.

GALA is the major event for demonstrating your interactive virtual humans, exploiting techniques in real-time graphics, animation, multi-modal interaction, agents, emotion modelling, dialog management and related areas. The quality and interactive capabilities of the animated lifelike agent are to be presented in a short movie (see Submission details). GALA is different from and complementary to scientific conferences where demonstrations are at most illustrations of talks, often not included in proceedings and thus hard to reproduce. GALA specifically encourages university students at all levels to submit their work prepared in a shorter time, preferably as a project related to their university curriculum, unlike the output of larger-scale research presented at conferences.


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